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Playgrounds are great for gross motor skills, but fine motor skills are just as important. Fine motor skills are important everyday tasks, such as reaching, grasping, and hand-eye coordination.

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June 17, 2021
Debbie Bourgois

Lemon Life: 4 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids Using Lemons

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play, STEM

We’ve all been through a lot this past year. With summer upon us, our bag of tricks to keep kids occupied can be running low. So, when life hands you lemons, as the saying goes, make lemonade. You can do a lot with a simple bag of lemons and get your kids involved too! 

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June 03, 2021
Andrea Doumar

Summer Themed Crafts with Household Items

Learning Through Play

To say that the last year or so been unique would be an understatement. As an Occupational Therapist in a Public School, I had to quickly adapt and switch from in person learning to virtual learning. For parents, teaching their own children from home became a challenge. Being able to use household items to create new crafts and projects has been my “go-to” during therapy sessions.

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May 20, 2021
Stephanie Johnson

How to incorporate gross motor play into your summertime fun routine

Learning Through Play

School is out for the summer for many families and what a year it has been for everyone. If your children are anything like mine, the excitement of no schoolwork is short lived.

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May 13, 2021
Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Logic Games: A Look at How We Got Here

Learning Through Play, Brainteasers

At this point in educational history, no one would blink an eye if you said you were working on your logic skills. Logic, after all, is (rightfully) seen as a foundational critical thinking skill that helps us function effectively across many different areas of life.

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April 15, 2021
Ashley D'Ippolito

How a speech-language pathologist uses Rush Hour to develop language and critical thinking skills

Learning Through Play

If you are using logic games in the educational setting or to support virtual learning, way to go! They are a great way to engage students in a fun activity that has some tangible benefits.

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April 08, 2021
Sara E. Trim

Living in the right here, right now: How to have adventures as a family

Learning Through Play

About five years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to move out of our beloved subdivision with paved roads, sprinkler systems and neighbors close by in search of more wide-open spaces for our four boys to roam.

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