April 10, 2017

Alana Hackes

Top 6 Math Games to Celebrate Mathematics Month!

Topics: Learning Through Play, STEM

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April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month! The goal is to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics and what better way to do both than by strengthening your child’s math skills through play? In celebration of mathematics, here are the top six math games that will make math fun for you and your child!

1. Math Dice

Math Dice by ThinkFun takes the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and molds it into a fast fun game of mental math! To play, roll the two 12-sided target dice and multiply them to get a target number. Then roll the three-scoring dice and combine these numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or even powers to build an equation that is closest, or equal to, the target. Play in the classroom or with your kids at home. It makes the process of learning math so fun! The game has even sparked the creation of Math Dice tournaments between schools. Check out the video below for more information.



2. Equate

Equate, a board game created by Conceptual Math Media, looks a lot like Scrabble but trades letter tiles for number and mathematical symbol tiles! The way that it works is that you put down tiles on a board and earn points by correctly completing simple equations. You can add on to previous plays vertically and horizontally to learn simple concepts like division or more sophisticated concepts like order of operations. It’s a game invented by a mathematician and is a hit with all who love math!


3. Sum Swamp

Sum Swamp by Learning Resources strikes the right balance between education and entertainment, particularly for the kids that are ages 5 and up! To determine the number of moves, kids roll two number dice and one basic math symbol die—then they do the math. Julee Rudolf, an Amazon reviewer, wrote that the game is great for very young kids and that “Sum Swamp is one of the simplest, most fun way to practice addition and subtraction in a game setting.”

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4. Sequence Numbers

Sequence Numbers is a fun twist on learning basic math skills! Playing is simple; the cards have the equations and the gameboard has the answers. Each card has an addition or subtraction equation so all you have to do is match the card to its correct answer on the board and then place a chip there. It’s like playing Bingo in that when you have five of your chips in a row, you win! It’s a great game for kids who are beginning to learn math as well as experts.

sequence numbers.jpg

5. Dino Math Tracks

Dino Math Tracks by Learning Resources is a colorful board game with dinosaur tokens that are sure to excite all players that are 5 and up! It functions like a roll-the-dice-and-move game but puts an emphasis on learning place value. There are multiple levels of play so kids of varying skill levels can participate! Dinosaur lovers will be a huge fan of this game. B. Capossere, an Amazon reviewer, wrote that “the game is very well designed not just for its educational purposes but also for ensuring consistent family fun…. [because] players are often involved even when it is not their turn.”

dino math tracks.jpg

6. Balance Beans

Balance Beans by ThinkFun is a logic and math game all in one. Set up the red beans according to the challenge card and then carefully place the beans on the seesaw to keep it from teetering. By balancing the seesaw, you are actually balancing the equation! This logic game featuring colorful and adorable beans is a fun way to introduce young learners to elementary algebra. If Balance Beans is a game that interests you, visit ThinkFun at the National Math Festival on Saturday, April 22nd from 10am to 7pm (located at 151ab). You will be able to play Balance Beans as well as other fun math games such as Chocolate Fix and Shape-O-Metry!

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