April 01, 2017

Kacey Templin

ThinkFun Names Ramsey Ritchie as Next Chief Executive "Paw-fficer"

Topics: Learning Through Play


In a move that has surprised the toy industry, Bill Ritchie has decided to step down in favor of his puppy protégé.

 ALEXANDRIA, VA, April 1, 2017 -  ThinkFun, the internationally-acclaimed leader in educational games that ignite the minds of both children and adults, announced today that it has appointed Ramsey Ritchie as chief executive officer effective immediately. Bill Ritchie, ThinkFun’s co-founder and former CEO, will continue to serve as Chief Handler and Advisor.  

Unknown.jpegMr. Ritchie hard at work and in his element.

Ramsey joined the ThinkFun family nearly 7 years ago, and has moved quickly through the company ranks. He most recently served as Chief Barketing Officer, leading the company’s efforts to track and retrieve both national and international media. In 2013, he spearheaded the initiative to replace all office tile floors with carpet, making the work environment inclusive of all species.  He has also received numerous accolades, including Official Good Boy 2014 and 2016.

Hailing from Havre de Grace, Maryland, Ramsey’s love for toys started when he was just a pup. “I grew up fascinated with the Kong balls that dispensed treats. For hours, I would sit and try to figure out how it could possibly hold all those little biscuits. This, in turn, lead to a lifelong obsession with games that sharpened young minds. And treats.” He graduated from the prestigious James Muttison University with a muttster’s degree in pawduction design.

Mr. Ritchie and Social Media Specialist, Rachael Tom, play test for an upcoming pawduct.

As CEO, Mr. Ritchie promises to expand the company’s market to include youngsters both two-legged and four. “You know, there’s a huge market that we have yet to tap into. It’s pretty clear that human children really benefit from these educational games, so why haven’t we reached out to other mammals?” It was this kind of innovative thinking that led former CEO Bill Ritchie to nominate Ramsey for the position. “He really just gets the mission,” said Bill. “It almost seems like toys are the only thing he really cares about. Well, that, and the squirrel that lives in our oak tree in the back.”

This move comes just weeks after local competitor, PinkSun, appointed Taz Tom as president and chief of purr-gress. “He’s really climbed the corporate ladder,” said Mr. Tom. “I just hope they don’t have to call the fireman to get him down.”

IMG_1677. (1).jpgMr. Tom, a rival of Mr. Ritchie's for years, had little to say about the announcement.

About ThinkFun Inc.

For over 30 years, ThinkFun Inc. has been dedicated to creating games that spark curiosity, cultivate confidence, and nurture life-long learners. Its games encourage interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), while generating excitement for a world of learning through play. Innovation, creativity, value, and fun are the four elements that comprise the development of every game. Ignite the mind, and change the world for each player.

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