November 07, 2019

James Dorian

Teaching Children Productivity Through Technology

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What’s the secret of ultimate success in life?

As a parent, you have the power to influence your kid towards success. We’re not talking about pushing too far. We’re talking about positive parenting practices based on encouragement.

We all want our kids to grow into successful people and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But what’s success, really?

In its essence, success is all about knowing how to be productive. Successful people are great at their jobs, but continuously learn and expand their interests. They travel, they have many friends, and they have time for their family. Most people learn how to be productive during childhood. That’s where your role as a parent gets important.

Since children love technology, it’s only natural for us to introduce it into productivity games. Are you wondering how?


Tips: How to Use Productivity Technology for Kids

1. Teach Them Specific Tech Skills

Technology skills make people productive. Just think about it: if you’re skilled at taking screenshots on Mac, you can show something instead of explaining it through text or phone calls. If you know how to store and organize documents in the cloud, you’ll easily locate what you need without browsing through computer files.

Of course you won’t teach your kid how to use the cloud right now. You’ll focus on something simpler. You can learn how to take screenshots or simple photos. That helps your child to develop visual memory skills. You can even edit those photos, so you’ll encourage their creativity.

Productivity means using tools to their full potential. So your first goal is to show that the use of technology for kids is not only for watching cartoons on YouTube.


2. Play Awesome Games

You want to teach productivity? Gamify the process! There are great productivity games for tablets and smartphones.

Focus Keeper Pro, for example, is a Pomodoro-based app that keeps them focus over short working periods. If you want your kid to focus on drawing, you’ll turn the app on and you’ll inspire them to focus on a single task until the alarm goes off. Then you get a short break to run around or do whatever else the child wants to do. Then you start another working session.

This technique works for both children and adults. It’s great because it encourages you to divide the working process into digestible sections. 25 minutes of focus doesn’t seem a lot. It seems like a completely manageable goal.


3. Browse the Internet for Learning Resources

When children start school, their teachers don’t teachers don’t show them how to be productive. All they do is present lectures and expect homework. Sure; today’s teachers engage young students with games, but that’s not productive enough for the classroom.

The parent can contribute towards greater productivity by seeking additional learning sources. If they learned about technology at school, you’ll search for a more accessible technology definition for kids on YouTube or other channels. There are awesome educators sharing different tips and lessons for free. Khan Academy is a brilliant source of lessons on any topic you can think of.


4. Use Technology for Kids to Inspire Creativity

Creativity leads to better focus, and improved focus leads to better productivity. What does your child like to do? Is drawing an option? Storytelling, maybe? There are all kinds of creative activities you can do with a tablet. Start by downloading a drawing app and using it together. It’s a great alternative for traditional painting methods, since it doesn’t make a mess out of your living room.

Encourage your kid to be creative, since they develop important skills through such activities. But you have to be patient with this. Different kids are creative in different ways, so you shouldn’t impose any expectations. Just make the process fun! 


5. Teach Them about Responsible Use of the Internet

The Internet can become the best productivity booster, but it’s also the greatest source of distractions. You don’t want your child to waste time on social media and useless YouTube videos. Of course, such activities will be allowed when appropriate and under your control. But the first goal is to teach your kid how to be productive when using the Internet.

You’ll teach that by showing your own example. Do not spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram. Your child sees that, and they will imitate the habit. Use the Internet to learn new things, communicate with the people you love, pay the bills, and do other productive things. Everything starts with the parent.


Use the Power of Technology to Help Your Kid Grow Productive

The technology definition for kids encompasses fun, productivity, and learning all at once. When you start showing through your own examples that learning is fun when supported by technology, your kid will follow up.

Stay patient. Your child can’t turn into a productivity monster ASAP. But with your support, you’ll grow more productive together. 


Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 1.08.00 PMJames Dorian is a technical copywriter. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.


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