March 13, 2016

MacKenzie Masten

Spring Break STEM Activities

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Can you believe it’s time for Spring Break already? It feels like just yesterday we were writing about the best Halloween STEM Activities. Winter has come and thankfully gone so now it’s time to share our top Spring Break science experiments for kids!

Pre-K STEM Activity:


The Three Little Pigs:

A fun take on the classic story of the 3 Little Pigs that your child is sure to love!

For this activity you will need:

  • Building Materials such as Legos, blocks, sticks, logs, pencils, or paper
  • A Hairdryer

 The way this activity works is simple, the three little pigs need to build a strong house so the big bad wolf doesn’t blow it over. Using the building materials, you and your child need to build a house that doesn’t blow over when you use the hairdryer!

What they will learn:

Watch your child learn how to problem solve as they discover that a house made of sticks is much less sturdy than a house made of Legos. They’ll begin to ask questions and work with you to make the sturdiest house possible.


Kindergarten STEM Activity: 


Do You Want Build a Tower?:

Whether you're building Elsa’s magical ice palace or just a basic tower, your child will love figuring out how to piece together household objects to make something cool!

For this activity you will need:

  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Toothpicks
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Styrofoam board 

Place the Styrofoam board in front of your child and explain that they need to build a tower using the toothpicks, pipe cleaners and mini marshmallows. The marshmallows act as glue between the pipe cleaner and tooth picks. If you need inspiration, pick up your children’s favorite story book and try to build a castle, house or spaceship!

What they will learn:

Much like the Three Little Pigs project, your child will learn how to build stable structures and how to engineer their very own creation.


Crystal Flowers:

April showers bring May flowers and May flowers bring allergies. Try this experiment out and fill your home with these allergy free flowers!

For this activity you will need:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Borax
  • Jars or vases
  • Hot water
  • Stick or spoon

To make these crystal flowers you first need to bend the pipe cleaners into the shape of a flower. You can pick any shape you like, just make sure it has a stem. Once you’ve constructed your flower, take the end of the stem and wind it around a stick or spoon. This way you will be able to suspend the flowers in the jar without having them touch the bottom. Now that your flowers are complete and ready for crystallization you’ll need to create the crystal solution. In a large pot, dissolve 9 tbsp. of Borax in 3 cups of boiling water. Stir your solution until the Borax has completely dissolved, then you’re good to go! Pour the crystal solution into your jar or vase and place the flower in. Leave the flowers overnight and you’ll wake up to beautiful crystal flowers!

What they will learn: Hot water holds more borax crystals than cold water. That's because heated water molecules move farther apart, making room for more of the borax crystals to dissolve. When no more of the solution can be dissolved, you have reached saturation. As this solution cools, the water molecules move closer together again. Now there's less room for the solution to hold on to as much of the dissolved borax. Crystals begin to form and build on one another as the water lets go of the excess and evaporates.

1st-3rd Grade STEM Activity:


Help Harry:

Have your kid invite their friends over and bring out this fun team building experiment!

For this activity you will need:

  • A puffball
  • Pipe cleaners
  • 12 inches of tape
  • 2 cupcake liners
  • Aluminum foil
  • An index card
  • A sandwich bag 

Explain to your child and their friends (or sibilings) that Harry is a puffball who needs a new “perch” so that he can watch over the house and keep everyone safe. Tell them that you will give them a bag filled with all the supplies they would need and that they need to first find a safe place for Harry to hang out. Have them talk through their ideas and create a plan. Once they are ready, hand them the bag of supplies and start the timer! They have 15 minutes to create an effective perch that will hold Harry.  

What they will learn:

This activity is a great discussion starter and builds science skills. They may not realize it but through this activity your child and their friends are learning important skills that will be helpful for them to have as they go into junior high.

4th-5th Grade STEM Activity:


Egg Drop Challenge:

The infamous egg drop challenge is a staple activity in science classrooms. Now you can bring the activity home and have the whole family get involved!

For this activity you will need:

  • Eggs
  • Tape
  • String
  • Cotton
  • Anything you feel comfortable with potentially getting egg yolk on

The idea of an egg drop challenge to is create a contraption that will protect an egg from cracking or breaking from a high fall. Your family can make their egg holders as simple or complex as they want. Each person gets an egg and then creates a contraption fit to hold the egg and keep it safe as you drop it off the stairs, the top of a bunkbed, or the roof (please have an adult drop the eggs if you decide to drop them off of the roof).

What they will learn:

Your child will learn how to design and create a structure as well as other STEM concepts such as velocity, force, acceleration and engineering.

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