October 15, 2020

Andrea Doumar

Simple Craft Ideas Using Household Items (Part II)

Topics: Creativity, Learning Through Play

Q-Tip Tree

Thanks for returning for some more fun budget friendly crafts that can be created using materials right in your home! (You can find part I here.)

Crafts do not only need to be bought in the store and put together with glue. Crafts are a great way for your child to develop skills in a lot of areas, such as fine motor skills, visual motor, motor planning, hand eye coordination, and scissor skills.

With that said, let’s bring back meaning to items that would normally just be tossed after use!

Toilet Paper Rolls

During this Quarantine, there was a huge shortage of toilet paper and paper towels in my area. With all of these items being bought and used, you were probably left with a ton of toilet paper rolls! We can take those rolls and turn them into crafts! Let’s take those rolls and create stamps. We can use them as a stamp to create a bunny rabbit, a chick, a caterpillar or even make a firework!

Toilet Paper Roll Chick and Caterpillar

To make both the chick and the caterpillar, all you need to do is put paint on one end of the tube. Dip in paint and dress down onto paper. Let it dry then add in some facial features and some grass.

TP Roll Chicks

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

For the bunny rabbit, you can hot glue or tape three tubes together. For the 2 tubes that will be the ears, you want to bend them slightly to create that long oval shape. Again, dip in paint and stamp on the paper. Let it dry and add in their facial features to create a cute little bunny rabbit perfect for any Easter or Spring celebration.

TP Roll Bunnies

Toilet Paper Roll Firework

Another fun way to use a toilet paper roll is to cut small slits all around the roll at one of the ends as if you are giving the tube some fringe. Dip in paint and you can have a fun firework craft! Dip into multiple colors for a wonderful color effect!

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks-1


Who said forks can only be used for eating? We can also use them in our crafts. Just make sure you give them a good cleaning before using again or use ones that can be thrown out! We can dip them in paint and use them to create a firework or by adding a stem we can turn them into flowers.

Fork Tulips

Using a fork into a craft is another way to reinforce a child’s grasp, as well as, practice using a common item.

Fork - Fourth of July


Q-tips are probably my favorite item to use during therapy sessions with my students. Q-tips are great to help children further develop their grasp, as well as strengthen their hands through painting activities. They force your child to “pinch” the Q-tip to work developing what we like to call in the therapy world, a pincer grasp.

Try tying a bunch together as a stamp or use one individually to make dots all over a picture. To make the activity a little harder, give them a shape or a picture and have them try to trace the picture with dots by using the Q-tip. To keep it simple, draw a shape on a piece of paper, and have your child dry to trace the shape or color only inside the lines.

In the picture below, I drew a vase and some lines, and had my students try to stay on the lines when making dots. Once it was all finished, it looked like the dots were flowers sitting in a vase.

Q-Tip Vase

Fall Fun with Q-Tips

Here are some other examples of using Q-tips in crafts. I used them individually to decorate a fall tree with colorful leaves.

Q-Tip Tree

I also used them individually to make dots within an apple or tracing the outside of the apple. This is a great activity to work on color recognition by matching the paint to the color of the apple. You can also turn any of these crafts into a handwriting opportunity!

Q-Tip Apple

I hope you enjoyed this two-part series and are able to create some fun pictures, crafts, and memories at home with your child in a budget friendly way.

For more occupational therapy crafts and activities check out my Instagram page @OT_Room.

I received a game in exchange for this blog post. All opinions expressed belong to me.

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Andrea DoumarHi! My name is Andrea. I am a pediatric occupational therapist from New Jersey. I currently work in a public school working with children of all ages. I have also worked in special needs preschool and outpatient pediatrics. I attended Seton Hall University for both my undergraduate and graduate degree. Let’s Go Pirates! I love working with children and sharing my ideas with others. I recently got engaged to my college sweetheart who is a Physical Therapist. When I am not working, I enjoy going to the beach, taking pictures, and creating projects with my Cricut!

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