October 14, 2017

Rachael Tom

Pet Series: Meet the Cats of ThinkFun!

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In anticipation of the long-awaited game Cat Crimes (in stores this month), we are very excited for the last installment of our Pet Series! If you can't wait to play it, check out our 100th Brainteaser Post, which includes bonus challenges from the game!

You may have seen them in our Instagram posts.  You may have also noticed that one of them was appointed Cheif Executive 'Paw-fficer' this past April. Our company would not be where it is today without the loyalty, support, and enthusiasm from our beloved pets. In our latest blog post series, we open up our company doors to give fans a chance to meet the cats of ThinkFun!


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"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..."

Pet’s name: Taz and Rox

Favorite food: Taz wants anything that a human is eating. He always holds out hope that a few crumbs will be dropped. Rox only wants her cat food.

Favorite activity: Taz seems to enjoy being directly in your face at all times. The closer he is to your face, the better. In the middle of the night he is a part-time opera singer. He takes a deep breath and with all his might sings the song of his people. Rox is a huge fan of watching birds through the window, sitting in boxes, and for some reason, being in the bathroom with humans. She does not accept bathroom privacy. At all.

What would its favorite ThinkFun game be and why: They would both love Cat Crimes because they are professional crimminals. Taz will try and sneak a bit of human food every chance he gets and Rox is always jumping on furniture she's not supposed to be on.

Back story and fun facts: Taz and Rox were both strays, adopted from a local shelter. Taz was likely weaned too early from his mother because he tried to nurse on blankets for years after he was adopted. He is ten years old now and still does not realize his tail is attached to him and he will never catch it. Rox has a heart murmur, which doesn't slow her down at all! She is very chatty and meows to her humans whenever she wants to sits on the balcony.



"I'm not beautiful like you. I'm beautiful like me."

Pet’s name: Madeline "Ming Ming the Third" Hackes

Favorite food: Anything covered in gravy

Favorite activity: Ming Ming loves playing games! Her mom says she's never met a cat that likes playing games as much as this kitty does. Ming Ming the Third constantly wants to be entertained. She plays games more than she sleeps. Her favorite toy is called DA BIRD, which is a long wand that has a string with a feather at the end. She loves to chase that thing around for hours on end.

What would its favorite ThinkFun game be and why: Her favorite ThinkFun game would be Laser Maze because she loves chasing lasers!

Back story and fun facts: Ming Ming the Third got her name from a family friend. The family friend has two cats: Big Ming Ming and Little Ming Ming. In the Philippines, they refer to cats as "Ming Mings" so that's how the cats got their names. Prior to Ming Ming the Third, her mom's previous cat was named Kitty for the exact same reason. Even though Madeline is her official name, she is generally referred to as Ming Ming the Third.



"Are you coming up the stairs with that huge load of laundry? Excellent. I'm on tripping duty."

Pet’s name: Mr. Orange

Favorite food: Catnip, of course!

Favorite activity: Lounging and hanging out in boxes and bags. Also grooming himself.

What would its favorite ThinkFun game be and why: Gravity Maze because he lost his marbles long ago and could use help finding them! Playing helps strengthen logic and problem solving skills to dominate the house. Hence, his nickname "Your Orangeness" (instead of Your Highness).

Back story and fun facts: Mr. Orange was rescued as a kitten. He is best friends with furry family member, a chocolate lab. They are partners in crime! Mr. Orange only drinks out of a running faucet, enjoys TV and sits upright like a human on his throne. His family loves him a bunch!


Mittens.png   Whiskers.png

"We're ready for our pawdicures."

Pet’s name: Mittens and Whiskers

Favorite food: Popcorn! Mittens will fight you for it!

Favorite activity: Kneading a soft comfy blanket.

What would its favorite ThinkFun game be and why: Whiskers and Mittens are highly anticipating Cat Crimes because they think they will be really good at that game!

Back story and fun facts: Both Mittens and Whiskers were adopted as kittens, about a year apart from each other. Mittens came first. She wasn't sure about Whiskers at first, but now they are inseperable. Mittens was so little when she came home that her mom used to tuck her in under the collar of her shirt and she would asleep there watching football. Fast foward to five years, when her mom watches football Mittens now climbs up and wraps herself around her mom's neck to sleep! She weighs 15lbs, it's quite the scene!



"Thinking inside the box."

Pet’s name: Zero

Favorite food: Dry cat food. He refuses to eat wet food and he has a strict mommy who won't let him eat human food.

Favorite activity: Hands down, it's snuggling. If there is a human sitting or lying down, he'll plop right on them and take a nap.

What would its favorite ThinkFun game be and why: Roller Coaster Challenge. He loves trying to catch the little car!

Back story and fun facts: Zero has the mannerisms of a dog. His mom has had him since he was eight weeks old and he's now five years old, so he's trained! He plays fetch, heels, and can even be walked on a leash. Oh, and he LOVES belly rubs!


amy_720.jpg   zoey_720.jpg

"Do human beings have free will?"

Pet’s name: Amy and Zoey

Favorite food: Amy loves deli-sliced turkey, while Zoey loooves tuna!

Favorite activity: They have very different personalities. Amy enjoys laying on whoever is using a blanket. She is also very patient and endures fur-tugging from her new toddler human. Zoey likes to hide in her mom's closet, but meows very loudly when it's dinnertime.

What would its favorite ThinkFun game be and why: Because Amy is a blanket magnet, she would love Fold-It, so she could lay on it. Zoey would like IZZI because it matches her lovely coat.

Back story and fun facts: Amy, like many people, suffers from allergies! Zoey started her life as a Bodega cat in New York City.


Stay tuned for the next post in this series by following us on social media.  This is the last installment in this series to debut our new game Cat Crimes!  In case you missed it, the previous installents were Meet the Dogs of ThinkFun and Meet the Non-Traditional Pets of ThinkFun. We hope you enjoyed this series as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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