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I have fond memories of my days as a carefree kid. I recall playing tag with neighborhood friends, riding bikes up and down the sidewalks, and evenings of hide-and-seek, where I would always roll under the big pine tree that separated our house from our neighbor, Mrs. Eastman. Eventually, my brother and our friends caught on to my prime location and it no longer secured my champion position, but I still remember it fondly. 

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February 18, 2021
Lina Awshee

Incorporating Visual Boundaries into Everyday Play for Handwriting Success

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play, visualization

Handwriting success is a widely discussed topic and often on the radar for many parents/guardians. One thing I love to share with parents is the importance of visual boundaries as an underlying skill to successful handwriting, as well as how easy it is to incorporate them into daily playtime.

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February 11, 2021
Michelle Parrinello-Cason

A Pandemic Silver Lining: Finding Gameschooling

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

I’ve heard from some people the mistaken idea that homeschoolers’ lives weren’t thrown into upheaval by the pandemic shutdowns — but they absolutely were. Our co-ops, play groups, art classes, museums, and even playgrounds were taken away, leaving us with far fewer educational options than we had before.   

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February 04, 2021
Stephanie Johnson

Games To Make Mealtime FUN

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

Is mealtime a challenge in your house due to picky eaters? Does planning dinners for the week cause you stress? You aren’t alone if you answered yes! Every parent has encountered such mealtime battles at one time or another. As an occupational therapist and mom of three children ages 4, 7, and 8, I’ve had to really dig deep to bring some peace to the dinner table. 

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January 28, 2021
Jonathan Davies

The Importance of Dad in Playtime

Learning Through Play

With the COVID-19 global pandemic putting more parents in the work-at-home category – and more children in the school-at-home category – the trend of dads becoming more actively engaged with the day-to-day parenting of their children has been accelerated.

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January 21, 2021
Mia Pritts

What Parents Need to Know About Social-Emotional Development in Children

Learning Through Play

There’s a lot of talk about social-emotional development being important for young children, but just how important is it? Believe it or not, it’s the single most important developmental thing to predict strong school readiness!

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January 14, 2021
Andrea Doumar

Get Inspired This Season With These 7 Craft and Activity Ideas for Winter

Creativity, Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

Happy New Year everyone! We have officially made it out of 2020, and into the new year. I am back to share some more crafts and ideas that are winter themed! Similar to my last blog posts, these activities involve using items you may have laying around your house. Let’s jump right into the new year with new ideas!

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