September 08, 2015

Mike Ritchie

Make Learning Fun: Brainteasers From Visual Brainstorms!

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Hello puzzle lovers! This week we're thrilled to bring you 3 great brainteasers from our very own Visual Brainstorms set, as well as the answers to last weeks brainteasers! 

If you like STEM logic games and fun online games in general, check out our site's Play Online section - either by clicking here, or using the link in the nav bar. In the meantime, make learning fun with these great brainteasers! See the answers to last week's puzzles at the bottom.

Chow Time



Count Down



Mall Madness


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Last Week's Answers

Six Numbers: Click here to see both solutions.

Outside The Hole: 4 square units.

26 - 63 = 1: The first 6 moves up, making 26 = 2^6 (exponent) = 64.

The Four Sevens: (7/.7) x (7/.7) = 100.


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This weeks puzzles came from our very own Visual Brainstorms set, which has 100 unique challenges.

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