October 11, 2017

Rachael Tom

Make Learning Fun: 100th Brainteasers Post!

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Hello puzzle lovers, this is a special week because today is our 100th Brainteaser Post! To celebrate, we're sharing bonus challenges from our new game Cat Crimes, coming soon! If you can't wait to get your paws on it, be sure to visit our Product Page for its release later this month. We are thrilled to bring you three brainteasers every week, along with the answers to last week's brainteasers. Next week we'll have even more Cat Crimes bonus challenges to share with you, so stay tuned!

Premise: When you agreed to pet sit your neighbor's six cats, you expected a relaxing weekend filled with cuddles and gentle purrs. Instead, you repeatedly find spilled coffee, broken flower pots, and hairballs! This stinks all over of cat crimes! Which of  your six furry friends was responsible? These cats may be stealthy, but they've got nothing on your logical deduction skills. With a little problem solving you'll be able to use cat traits, paw prints, toy placement, and the location of other items around the house to figure out exactly where each cat was sitting at the time of the crime. In short order you'll be able to name the culpable cat!


The image above depicts the scene, along with the culprits. You'll need to refer to it to help you solve the following cat crimes. Each challenge provides clues to help you identify the guilty kitty.


  • If a clue says a cat was "upstairs sleeping" this means the cat will not be used in the Challenge. Please set this cat aside.
  • If a clue says a cat was sitting "in front of" or "near" an item, this means the cat is sitting at the location closest to that item.
  • If a clue says cat A is sitting 2 seats from cat B, this means the second seat starting with the seat directly to the right or left of cat A.
  • If a clue says cat A is "across from" another cat, this means the cats are directly across from each other, in the same row.
  • Clues do not have to be used in the order given.
  • Look for multiple clues that mention the same cat and see how you can use these clues together.

Ready... set... SOLVE!


Who Ate the Bird?:



Who Unraveled the Yarn?:



Who Swallowed the Fish?:



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