January 14, 2020

Sandra Larson

How Technology Can Make Your Playground Educational

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How Technology Can Make Your Playground Educational



Technology is all-pervasive, and the crucial role it plays in our everyday lives will only continue to increase. As such, it is a vital ingredient when it comes to our re-imagination of playgrounds.

To appropriately connect with the unique needs of today's families and kids, it is essential for playground experts to embrace the appealing lure of technology and successfully blend it with all the numerous unparalleled possibilities the outdoor world holds. This way, we can have high-tech outdoor playgrounds that are more educational.

Over the last few years, concept and technology have been the two most prominent factors which have impacted the overall form of kids’ playgrounds. Throughout history, we have witnessed playgrounds getting more engaging and more secure all together.

Below are four ways technology can take the standard playground to a new and more educational level.

1. Interactive and educational games

One of the most remarkable technological developments in recent times is the smartphone. The influence smartphones have, however, is mostly considered negative when it comes to children's playtime.

Nonetheless, this isn’t necessarily the truth. Tablets andsmartphones, among other contemporary gadgets, can benefit playgrounds much more than you can imagine.

For instance, you can design specialized websites for interactive and educational games.


2. The establishment of boot camps

Unfortunately, boot camps have a rather infamous – and sometimes negative - meaning. By using technology, you can effectively build a boot camp out of a playground.

Typically, smart devices afford you the chance to fuse both the mental and physical aspects of playing. Essentially, you create interchangeable programs either between hide and seek or races with educational puzzles and riddles on the gadgets.

Choose the appropriate educational content and then ensure that kids are challenged physically. This is the most effective way you can establish a boot camp that will benefit your child’s development.

3. The impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology:

With the development and evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), individuals have moved their attention towards synchronized functioning of regular home appliances. Considering the massive impact IoT has had on devices, why then should it not find use when it comes to playgrounds?

This technology has no limit as to how many devices can access internet connection. One way to incorporate IoT in playgrounds would be adding WIFI connection to the playgrounds and come up with advanced and educational games.

Better yet, you can connect your gadgets to this network and monitor the overall safety of your kids. Besides safety, the use of IoT can also offer playgrounds numerous options when it comes to location-based games. Challenges, races, among many other forms of play, could benefit from the incorporation of IoT.


4. A potential return to nature

Courtesy of biodegradable materials as well as 3D printing technology, we could potentially see the presence of fewer playgrounds within the cities and more play areas around regions in nature.

The most obvious perk of interacting with nature is that it can make playgrounds way more than typical recreation spaces. Different areas and trees can afford kids with readable and vital information on wildlife.

Not only will returning to nature render typical playgrounds a much more ‘healthier’ option, but it will also be a more educational experience for children.


How vital are playgrounds, especially in today's societies?

Truth be told, unstructured outdoor play for many individuals is perceived as a luxury and not a necessity like before. As such, kids and parents no longer devote as much time when it comes to outdoor play as they did decades ago. What’s more, with the numerous technological advancements, kids now spend a substantial amount of time interacting with their devices such as tablets, smartphones, and PlayStations.

However, these technological advancements can significantly benefit and impact playgrounds. With proper use, playgrounds can be a combination of recreational and educational features. By adopting these, and other technological innovations, playgrounds can be educational and safe.

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