July 30, 2020

Leonarda Parente-Wallace

Family Fun: Indoor Obstacle Course Ideas

Topics: Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

Indoor Obstacle Course

With technology playing such a huge role in our lives we often get sidetracked and do not engage in enough physical activity.

Our children are also lacking in this area because they also love and enjoy technology which limits them from moving. Physical health is key not only because it improves mental health, but also because a body in motion keeps a brain in motion. 

A lot of us have been stuck in the house and have been tired of doing the same old activities and/or watching the same movies. But it is important for our bodies and the bodies of our family members to stay moving. A fun way to do this is a family obstacle course using household items. 

Indoor Obstacle Course
Those who live in apartments or homes that do not have a lot of space – hallways are a great option and space to complete obstacle courses!

Indoor Obstacle Course - Taped Hall

Why are obstacle courses great for everyone? Because you can use whatever you have in your home and do whatever movements work best for you and your family!

We used painter’s tape to make an obstacle course in our narrow hallway- crawling under and stepping over! 

Indoor Obstacle Course - Crawling Under Tape

Don’t have a tunnel? No problem, line up some chairs and have your little ones crawl under them.

Indoor Obstacle Course - Under Chair

And what better way to end your obstacle course than falling into a homemade crash pad aka a pile of pillows or stuffed animals!

Additional benefits to obstacle courses

Doing a family obstacle course will bring the entire family together; young and old. Helping each other completing the obstacle course brings family together and indirectly teaches our children about team work. However, the most beneficial thing about doing this is creating fun memories together!

Author Bio

Leonarda ParenteLeonarda Parente-Wallace is a pediatric occupational therapist in NYC. Leonarda has been working as an OT in the NYC Department of education and NYS early intervention evaluator for the past 9 years. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters. She recently started an Instagram page, keepingupwithtoddlers, to help families keep their small children busy with functional and meaningful play. 

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