November 23, 2017

Melinda Contreras

5 Games for Head-to-Head Fun

Topics: STEM Education / Play, Learning at Home, Learning Through Play, Girls & STEM, Brainteasers


At ThinkFun, we love games that allow players to exercise strategic planning, spatial reasoning, creative thinking, and problem solving while developing patience, persistence, and determination. We also love simple, speedy games that make for exciting head-to-head match ups! From tile snatching to gelato mixing, these five games make for some fun, friendly, fast-paced, competition. 


Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw.png

The team behind Bananagrams brings you a new fast-paced tile game, Cobra Paw. To play, roll two dice, then use your ninja like reflexes to be the first person to grab the one tile that matches the pattern rolled. Experience an extra layer of competition if the same pattern is rolled more than once - all tiles remain in play throughout the game, and you’re allowed to snatch tiles from other players! To prove you are the most agile Ninja Cat, be the first person to snatch 6 tiles. 

Ages 5+, 2-6 Players



Go Go Gelato!


Go Go Gelato.jpg

Become a gelato-mixing master in Blue Orange Games’ yummy logic race, Go Go Gelato! To win this sweet competition, you’ll have to fill customers’ orders the fastest. The catch? No scoopers are to be found, and the only way you’ll be able to pair the right gelato flavor with the correct cone is by passing the scoops back and forth between the cones. Players will develop planning and dexterity skills as they try their hardest to not drop the gelato!

Ages 6+, 2-4 Players





For more foodie fun, check out one of ThinkFun’s newest games, Fold-It. In this innovative cloth folding game, players race to cook orders the fastest. To cook an order, players must fold their cloth in such a way that it only shows the menu items displayed on an order card. Order cards come in two difficulty levels, beginner and advanced, making this game great for the whole family.

Ages 7+, 2-4 Players





The creators of the Tenzi frenzy have a fast-paced matching game that involves a little luck and a lot of quick thinking. In Slapzi, players race to be the first person to get rid of their five double-sided picture cards by matching images to clue cards such as “meant to fly” and “can roll down a hill.” 65 clue cards and 120 picture cards provide hours of family fun. 

Ages 6+, 2-10 Players




StickUp - Box.jpg

StickUp is another pattern matching game that tests reflexes, but this one gives more control to players. To start, 16 cards, each displaying two sticks, are placed face up on the table. During each turn, two players secretly select one of five colored sticks. The two chosen sticks are dropped at the same time, then all players race to tap the card that matches the dropped sticks. Be quick, but be careful - touch the wrong card and you’ll have to give up a card from your score pile. Players will test their speed, observation, and strategy as they race to collect the most cards.

Ages 6+, 2-5 Players


Do you have your own favorite head-to-head games? Share them with us in the comments!