April 03, 2017

Rachael Rufino

6 Fidget Toys for the Person Fidgeting as They Read This

Topics: Kids And Creativity, Creativity, Learning Through Play, Brainteasers


They’re everywhere.  Fidget toys are trending, but why?  Studies have shown that these self-regulation tools help people of all ages reduce restlessness, stress and improve focus.  By directing antsy behaviors toward a device, a person is less likely to disrupt the classroom or workplace to relieve their anxiety.  Despite recent toy demands, fidgeting itself isn’t a new concept; common fidgeting behaviors include finger tapping, knuckle cracking, hair twirling and pencil chewing.  Those outlets for restlessness though may soon be a thing of the past.

It’s time to stop pen spinning and upgrade to our top six fidgets:


1. Fidgitz

Fidgitz by ThinkFun is both a fidget toy and logic puzzle in one!  This toy is great to grip, the perfect size for traveling (such as camping, road trips, etc.), and challenging.  To solve, the blue pieces must all be face-up on one side of the puzzle and white on the other.  Think of it as the Rubik’s cube for everyone!  If puzzles aren’t your thing, just have fun with it- the spheres slide and click into place by turning, twisting and flipping!  It’s the puzzle you won’t want to put down.


2. Spinner Fidget Toy

This handheld fidget toy by EWR Products boasts 1-3 minute spins for users who like to flick and spin items.  It can be manipulated with one or both hands, or on a flat surface.  Its modern design and simple manipulation make it an easy, no-brainer fidget toy.  Although there are a number of available hand spinners, EWR’s Spinner Fidget Toy is a best seller on Amazon.



 3. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Putty has been around since 1957, but was reimagined roughly 50 years later by a crazy man named Aaron!  Putty colors range from liquid glass, super illusions, glow-in-the-dark, neon and more.  Thinking Putty possibilities are only limited by your imagination and can be manipulated into anything if you’re feeling creative.  It’s also great to keep on a desk for mindless stretching fun when an ordinary stress ball just won’t do.

fidget cube.jpg

4. FidgetCube

What began as a Kickstarter project has turned into a fidget sensation, with lots of similar-looking cubes now available.  Don’t be fooled by the imitators though- Antsy Labs is the original creator of this product.  This cube is the smallest product on our fidget toy list, but provides lots of different tactile experiences.  All six sides hold a different texture or element to manipulate, making it a more versatile device than most.  This fidget toy literally has something for everyone.



5. Tangle

National Autism Resources recommends Tangle as their #1 best seller.  All fidget toys including Tangle provide people with sensory information that promotes cognitive thinking.  This twisty, infinite toy comes in a variety of colors, textures and sizes, for therapeutic fun!  Because each joint is a 90-degree curve, it can also be twisted up for compact travel.



6. DIY Marble Maze

Create your own unique fidget toy with leftover fabric, a sewing kit and a marble!  Apple Green Cottage provides several maze patterns- but you can definitely create your own.  Sew a marble into the maze for a never-ending puzzle.  If you’re making multiples, customize each person’s maze with fabric that reflects their favorite colors, textures, etc.  You can even make a double maze where two marbles never meet!

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