Some notes about notes!

Posted by Philip Sheppard on May 27, 2015 at 5:41 PM

Can you read music?

You might not be able to yet, and that's just fine, because Compose Yourself is here to help you!

The notes might look like odd blobs and lines and squiggles, but just think of them as little patterns on a building block that you can hear!

It's actually really easy to learn to read music, and, in the next few posts, I'll give you some tips about how to get started if you're interested.

Before that though, I wanted to show you how when I'm writing my own music for films, I sometimes really play with the lines, blobs and squiggles.

Here's a piece I wrote about a big wave:


Here's another one about New York:


Try making a picture with notes too - see if you can use some of the patterns from the cards!

Even when music is really serious it should always be fun to make...
Hope you enjoy having a go at making your own pictures!



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