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Being on winter break doesn’t have to mean you have to stop training your brain! To give you a boost this holiday season, we’re providing a list with a variety of brain games for all ages. These games are fun, challenging, and bring loved ones together. They won’t fit into a stocking, but they will certainly look pretty sitting underneath a tree! Keep your mind sharp this holiday season with some of our favorite brain games!

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November 30, 2017
Kathy Beyerle

It's Time to Toss the Dice!

STEM Education / Play, Learning Through Play

Monday, December 4th is National Dice day! There’s no better way to celebrate one of the oldest forms of gaming than by breaking out a dice game to play with family or friends. Did you know that the earliest evidence of dice was found in Egyptian tombs from 2,000 B.C.? Here are some great recommendations for dice based games that can be added to your next game night!

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November 23, 2017
Melinda Contreras

5 Games for Head-to-Head Fun

STEM Education / Play, Learning at Home, Learning Through Play, Girls & STEM, Brainteasers

At ThinkFun, we love games that allow players to exercise strategic planning, spatial reasoning, creative thinking, and problem solving while developing patience, persistence, and determination. We also love simple, speedy games that make for exciting head-to-head match ups! From tile snatching to gelato mixing, these five games make for some fun, friendly, fast-paced, competition. 

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November 16, 2017
Sheldon Soper

Using Card Games to Teach Basic Math Skills

STEM Education / Play, Learning at Home, Learning Through Play, Girls & STEM, STEM, Brainteasers

I have been playing games for as long as I can remember. Throughout my life, holiday get-togethers were not complete without a card game at the dining room table.

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October 26, 2017
Kathy Beyerle

Sweet Games for Candy-Lovers

STEM Education / Play, Brainteasers

It’s almost Halloween, which means that everyone is ready to eat tons of their favorite treats! It’s easy for kids (and adults!) to overdose on their favorite candies, so if you need a break from munching on actual sweets, let these candy-themed games satisfy your sweet tooth. They will even tie-in perfectly to your Halloween party!

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September 04, 2017
Rachael Tom

Turn Off Your Device and Read These Tech Books!

STEM Education / Play, Learning at Home, Kids & Coding, Girls & STEM, STEM, STEAM

 These fantastic technology-themed books will not only entertain your family, but teach lessons in using devices in moderation, safely. Our list of 11 books (sorry, we just couldn't cut it down to ten) includes tales to combate cyberbullying, real-life stories of female computer heros, and modern renditions of our favorite classic children's stories. We hope this list with a modern twist will encourage your family to power-down and learn a bit about computers! Your unplugged digital adventure awaits!

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August 12, 2017
Kacey Templin

Planning Your Mission to Mars

STEM Education / Play, STEM

On August 5th, the Curiosity rover celebrated its fifth anniversary working on Mars. Since 2012, Curiosity has been exploring the surface of the red planet, working tirelessly to fulfill its primary mission to find out if Mars is, or was, suitable for life. NASA is planning on sending humans to the surface of our closest planetary neighbor in the next few decades, but they have to make sure they learn as much as possible before sending astronauts. Our eventual colonization of Mars has been a hot topic of late, so what better way to educate your children about the journey than to have them plan a trip themselves? In this post, we’ll take you through all the basic steps for a successful mission from one planet to the next!

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