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Matthew received his BFA and MFA from The Ohio State University in music and 3D computer animation. His thesis work, entitled "Real Time Music Visualization: A Study in the Visual Extension of Music", is the foundation for his company, Live Music Visuals. Matthew's visualization work has been exhibited in numerous performances including the Drums Downtown concert series, PASIC, and SIGGRAPH. Matthew recently worked for Dreamworks Animation as a layout artist and contributed to movies like"Penguins of Madagascar," "Madagascar 3," and "Rise of the Guardians." He also plays the piano and composes music in his spare time. 

My name is Matthew Bain and I would call myself an artist who codes.  I started learning to code in college and it really wasn’t until graduate school that I started to understand how coding could influence and improve my artistic designs. The ability to create a “for loop” and iterate over hundreds of items at one time enables me to generate visuals that can respond to music in real time. This coding ability has also served me well in my previous job. I used to work for DreamWorks Animation as a Final Layout Artist.  Some of the movies I worked on included Megamind, Madagascar 3, and The Penguins of Madagascar.

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March 25, 2017
Kacey Templin

5 Important Figures in Music History

STEAM, Music Makes You Smarter

Music is everywhere. It’s piped through shopping malls, grocery stores, headphones, and car stereos. You can enjoy anything from classical to punk rock with over a hundred genres in between. Music has been part of the human experience since prehistoric ages, but over time, it has been shaped and molded into many different forms by extraordinary people. Today, we’re taking a look at five of those important figures in musical history.

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