September 02, 2017

Alana Hackes

Top 6 ThinkFun Games for Seniors

Topics: Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

old person playing chess.jpg

Everyone who knows our games know that we create mind-challenging puzzles and brainteasers for all ages! While most people think of kids when they think of our games, there is also a wide selection of our games that are great for seniors. We’ve received several calls from customers asking what the best ThinkFun games for their grandparents or in-laws would be and that inspired this blog post. Here are 6 of our games that sharpen minds of all ages:


Swish is a fast-paced card game that challenges players to flex their brain muscles as they try to out-Swish their competitors. Designed to challenge spatial intelligence, Swish is easy to learn and addictively fun for players eight years and older. This game is great for strengthening spatial reasoning for seniors!


Solitaire Chess

Solitaire Chess is similar to chess except that it's entirely about capturing your opponent's pieces. Players get 10 pieces, two each of the Knight, Rook, Pawn, and Bishop, one each of the King and Queen, and 40 challenges. Set pieces on the board according to the challenge cards, and proceed to capture each one, but only by using the same moves allowed in traditional chess. Players have to capture a piece with every move so the game is fast-paced and always exciting! Seniors will love the familiarity of Solitaire Chess while getting to exercise their logic skills.

Solitaire chess.jpg

Chocolate Fix

Chocolate Fix is a game that will tempt you to take a bite out of these life-like candy tokens. Similar to Sudoku, players examine all the clues on the cards before making a move. Once they discover where to put a chocolate piece, they combine this knowledge with the clues to learn more information. Some clues give exact or possible locations, while others just give the token color or shape. This is another great game that helps senios build logic skills, but don't be surprised if it also makes them hungry for chocolate!

chocolate fix.jpg

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is ThinkFun's top-selling logic game where the objective is to escape a gridlocked traffic jam. To play, pick one of 40 challenge cards; solutions are on the back of each card. Then set up the cars and buses in a specified pattern on the 6-inch-square road grid. Move the vehicles one by one (obey those traffic laws!) until the red car can escape the traffic jam. Seniors will be able to sharpen their sequential reasoning and planning skills while having tons of fun!

Rush Hour.jpg


Shape-O-Metry is a fun way for seniors to develop spatial, abstract, and quantitative reasoning skills. To solve the puzzle challenges, stack green pieces on top of blue pieces, or vice versa, to create identical shapes. Through hands-on play, seniors can build on their key skills, strategies and mathematical understandings, such as part-to-whole relationships. 



Word A Round

Word A Round is a game that builds vocabulary and improves concentration. The challenge in Word A Round is to quickly figure out where the word starts and to read it aloud before your opponents. The game seems simple, but players find themselves baffled as they race to spot and call out words. The goal is to win 10 cards and players collect cards by being the first to correctly read the word written in the designated ring on the card. This will keep seniors on their toes and get them talking. 






Color Cube Sudoku