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World geography is a subject that is covered in schools but many people do not remember what they memorized for a test. Living in America, many of the countries seem far off, impossible to locate, and hard to pronounce. Games help students and adults become more familiar with major countries and lesser-known nations through interactions and conversations that happen naturally around a game board. A bonus is playing with someone who is a geography expert.  All kinds of interesting facts and information start to spill out around the table as countries are located on the map.

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November 15, 2019
Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Trust: The Foundation of All Education

Insider, Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

In my years as an educator, there is one telltale component that helps me determine if a lesson plan or unit or even an entire class is going to work or not. That component is the level of trust that I have put into my students.

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November 07, 2019
James Dorian

Teaching Children Productivity Through Technology

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play, Kids & Coding, STEAM

What’s the secret of ultimate success in life?

As a parent, you have the power to influence your kid towards success. We’re not talking about pushing too far. We’re talking about positive parenting practices based on encouragement.

We all want our kids to grow into successful people and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But what’s success, really?

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October 25, 2019
Bailey Belmont

7 Tips to Develop Your Child's Writing Skills

Learning at Home

Possessing sound writing skills is essential for people at all stages of their lifecycle. While it's one of the main requirements for students’ academic success, it is also an integral part of adult life. Because of this, it's fundamental to lay the foundation for good writing during childhood. As a parent, you can explain to your child the importance of effective communication and help them succeed in education. Here are some tips you can implement straight away to boost your kid’s basic writing skills at home - while having fun!

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October 17, 2019
Becky Hill

3 Geography Games to Learn About the USA

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

Geography anyone? Some school systems cover geography twice, once in elementary school and once in high school. As a homeschooler, I covered geography in 5th grade, and then again, in 9th grade, using geography curriculum. Once a skill is acquired, practice retains that skill. However, geography is not something that is practiced on a regular basis.

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October 10, 2019
Victoria Lim

Auditory Stimulation for Early Brain Development

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

We constantly react to stimuli coming from the world around us. We respond to the voice of our guardian calling, we might like or dislike an image we see on TV, and the smell of a freshly cooked dinner attracts us. Apart from the luring affect our senses have, we actually learn through the interaction with the outside world. We might not be aware of this as adults but kids, toddlers, and babies are much more sensitive to stimuli. Even a simple rustling sound is enough to activate their brain (and make them start crying). Auditory stimulation is, therefore, crucial to normal brain development in kids, as there are benefits to their physical and mental development.

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September 26, 2019
Rebecca Siggers

5 Simple Tricks to Solve Puzzles

Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

Solving puzzles can seem like an effortless task, especially when you see other people doing it. However, what you might not know is that these games usually have thousands of pieces to solve.

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