March 22, 2018

Kathy Beyerle

 Our 6 Favorite Word Games

Topics: Learning at Home, Learning Through Play, Brainteasers, STEAM


Word games are a great way to play and think with friends and family!

For young players, word games can help build vocabulary and thinking skills. Occupational therapists on the other hand, use word games to help make speech therapy fun! Word games can also be a lot of fun for competitive adults who love a good brainteaser or two. Check out some of our favorite word games to give your brain some fun! 



rewordable-game.png This Kickstarter-funded game encourages players to creative the very best words. In ReWordable, cards contain more than just a single letter. Players use the cards in the deck for optimal word crafting, like Scrabble, but different. You can earn point for building a new word or add to another player’s word to steal their points. Longer and more complex words are fun build in this game, which makes scoring more fun for word game playing fans.

Ages 10+, 2-8 players



WordAround & WordAround 2


Race to read the WordAround the ring first! Although it sounds simple it’s much harder than it looks when you have to find the beginning of the word. Here’ s what some players are saying:

“We are a homeschool family that loves word games. Six members of my family ages 14-44. Trying to figure these out was a really fun challenge!” – Boys Mom

“Amazing game for anyone who loves words. I’m a speech-language pathologist who uses it with teens and adults alike. Easy to understand how to play, fun in a group. I strongly recommend.” – Becky

“I am an elementary teacher and this is the perfect game to play in the classroom. I love using this for small group work because the “game” element makes the students eager to play all while learning problem solving, perseverance, and word structure. The cards are sturdy and have lasted all year! High recommend!” - Emilee

Due to its popularity, the game now has a second version with 300 new words, WordAround 2. WordAround 2 cards can be added to the WordAroundDeck for more fun and will be available this month in retailers near you!

Ages 8+, 2 or more players



PDQ “The Pretty Darn Quick Word Game”


PDQ is a fast word game that’s sure to get your brain racing. Can you make a word out of the letters SMP in a split second? Sounds SiMPle? How about PTR? Get the PicTuRe? In this lightning-fast party game, it’s an all-out race to be the first player to shout out a word using all three letter cards in play. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins. At 15 minutes a game, this is a quick and easy party game that will be sure to get your brain warmed up.

Ages 10+, 2-4 players



Last Word


In Last Word players scramble to yell out words that fit the category. Each round players blurt out answers to “Subject” and “Letter” combinations in a race to beat other players and get the last word before the buzzer! How many “Things That Are Carried” can you name that start with a “S?” Suitcase, scissors, snake, sandwich... think you could get the last word? Be the last player to get your word in to win that round and advance! The random timer in this game keeps each players guessing when the round will be done.

This is a great party word game that will make you and your friends or family think while you have fun! One reviewer stated, “Funny funny game. Great with four people or great with large groups! We had up to 30 people playing at a gathering. People joined teams and it was a shouting match of crazy! So much fun!”

Ages 14+, 2-8 players



Fishing for Words


Fishing for Words is a dice rolling, word spelling game. This fast-paced word game will snag you – hook, linem and sinker! Players roll the die, create words, and score based on their creations. Players have to intersect with previous plays, which creates a challenging and fun scrabble-like play experience.

Ages 8+, 2-4 players