July 26, 2017

Rachael Rufino

Make Learning Fun: Brainteasers

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Triangles in Coins.png

Hello puzzle lovers!  This week we're thrilled to bring you 3 more brainteasers, along with the answers to last week's brainteasers! 

If you like logic games, and fun online games in general, be sure to check out our Play Online section- our game Rush Hour is a lot of fun!  In the meantime, make learning fun with these great brainteasers, and find the answers to last week's puzzles at the bottom.

Triangles in Coins:

Triangles in Coins.png

Painting a Pyramid:

Painting a Pyramid.png

The Moon Challenge:

The Moon Challenge.png


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Last Week's Answers:

Word Thoughts:

Word Thoughtsa.png 

If You Win You Lose:

You Win if You Losea.png

Convention Chortle:

Convention Chortlea.png





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