March 20, 2018

Rachael Tom

Make Learning Fun: Brainteasers

Topics: Brainteasers

Heaviest Candy.png

Hello puzzle lovers!

This week we're thrilled to bring you 3 more brainteasers, along with the answers (see below) to last week's brainteasers! 

If you like logic games and fun online games in general, be sure to check out our Play Online section- our game Solitaire Chess is a lot of fun!  In the meantime, make learning fun with these great brainteasers!


Heaviest Candy:

Heaviest Candy.png 


Triangles in Coins:

Triangles in Coins.png


Six Cubes:

Six Cubes.png 


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Last Week's Answers:

Mall Madness:

Mall Madness.png


Hand Hour Passings:

Hour Hand Passings.png


Word Cogitation:

Word Cogitation.png


Color Cube Sudoku