February 22, 2018

Melissa Miller

Bringing Laughter into the Classroom

Topics: STEAM, Learning Through Play


Science can be intense! Just like camping…. IN-TENTS!

But did you know that humor and the act of laughing, can help you learn?

A Pew Research poll found that laughter can boost retention of information! So ending your presentations in class with memes you found on the internet may help your classmates learn! Your teacher may not be too happy about it though. Be sure to get the okay before doing such a silly maneuver!

So, if you’re Think(ing)Fun, ThinkFun-NY with some jokes for the classroom. Don’t forget, laughter is contagious. Building a sense of community in the classroom can be brought on from something as easy as a smile. Even the shyest students in class can’t help but snicker with a good joke! Laughter can help bring friends and open students up from any ‘shells’ they have created. In a classroom, we want students to be engaged with the topics. Sometimes, we just can’t keep 40 students or more engaged when the entire world is in their pockets (via smartphone) dying to come out. Throwing in a joke during a long lecture can catch students’ attention and bring back some of the students who zoned out on page two. These jokes can help bring out your personality as well and make you more of a ‘person’ rather than just a teacher.

Not everyone can grasp a topic quickly and that’s something to overcome while teaching students. When sharing humor in the classroom, the personification of objects and the visuals and animation can bring a new way of learning to students having trouble. It’s like learning without realizing you’re learning! I have brought a few of my favorite jokes to share with you and your classes, just scroll to the bottom of this article. Is it any wonder why children’s shows are cartoony? Kids especially, enjoy the caricature of real events. Starting the day with a joke on the board, or at the bottom of the word document describing the homework, can take away any worries a student may have about the assignments on the agenda.

In 2014, NBC News presented a study showing teens are more stressed out than adults. We all know the affects of stress in people. That’s part of the reason why I kept Bad Science Jokes and made sure to post things every day. People not only told me it helped them grasp certain topics, as stated before, but people said it was something they could always look forward to. We don’t all laugh at the same things, but if we can reach some of the students in our classrooms, it may be a breath of relief to a stressful class!







Have a laugh and be sure to share these jokes with your like-minded friends! Bring a smile and, hopefully, a chuckle to those around you!



Melissa Miller is bridging the gap between learning and having fun with social media as her tool. She has built up the Bad Science Jokes brand as a high school project to a now worldwide entertainment page. Taking her fans on adventures in science from pop-up exhibits to #NASASocial and making learning fun for all ages. Melissa is also the author of Jokes for Alkynes of Scientists and Pickup Lines For Alkynes of Scientists, and hosts Ohm My Science! on YouTube.



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