August 05, 2017

Kathy Beyerle

Bring Back Road Trips: 5 Travel-Friendly Games

Topics: Learning Through Play


Summer is the season to hit the road with the family in tow. Road trips are a great way to bond together and visit grandparents in a different state, or to drive cross country to sight see. Traveling to new places is a great family experience, but sometimes staying occupied in a long car ride can be painful. Here are 5 games to keep kids and families unplugged and entertained for a happy road trip!



1. Adventure Time Love Letter by AEG

Love Letter is a game of luck and deduction. In this fast paced game, players woo the princess to be the last player standing. Outsmart the other players to be the first player to win the most rounds, and earn the most gems. The components of this game pack into a small pouch, which makes traveling a breeze. During play, no player ever holds more than two cards at a time, which also means no rogue pieces in the back of the mini van. Love Letter comes in a variety of themes that kids are sure to love. With themes ranging from Adventure Time to The Hobbit, Love letter will appeal to all kids and become a classic for any traveling family.

2-4 players; Ages 10+



2. Write & Wipe Games to Go! by Peaceable Kingdom

This fun activity & game book has a different puzzle or game on each page. It comes with a rewriteable marker which makes it great for back seat sitters. It’s also filled with silly jokes for entertainment, and can easily fit into a backpack or a seat pocket. This is great for solo players.

1 player; Ages 7+ 



3. Spot-It on the Road by Asmodee

Spot-it on the Road is a spin-off of the popular Spot it! This version comes with a travel tin, and has a road trip theme. Race to be the first to spot cars, trucks, stop signs, and other road trip related items on the cards and in the actual environment! This is a fast paced game that will help keep kids occupied in the back seat.

2 to 8 players, ages 7+


Stratos.png4. Stratospheres by ThinkFun

Stratospheres offers a new 3D twist on the classic connect 4! The first player to get four in a row of their color wins! The stratosphere pieces snap together for easy play and the pieces fit into a travel bag, which makes playing this game on the go easy.

2 players; ages 7+

FindIt.png5. Find It by Identity games

Find It is like a scavenger hunt in a tube! Shake and move the tube to try to find the hidden pieces inside. This contained hidden object hunt is perfect for traveling. With plenty of different themed versions available, Find It would be a great addition to the traveler’s game collection.

1- or more players; Ages 6+






Color Cube Sudoku