April 24, 2017

Kacey Templin

6 Simple Outdoor Games for Great Weather

Topics: Creativity, Learning Through Play


It’s springtime! Temperatures are lowering to comfortable levels and people are emerging from their cold weather hibernation. Now is the perfect time to spend some quality family time outside. Today, we’re looking at 6 outdoor games that are both highly entertaining and easy to assemble!

Soccer Croquet

Have a few pool noodles laying around? Make giant croquet arches by cutting noodles in half and sticking them into the ground using garden stakes. Arrange several arches in a pattern, then use a soccer ball to complete the obstacle course. Race against another person or the clock to see how fast you can kick the soccer ball through each goal!

backyardobstacle1.jpgPhotograph by Valerie Deneen

Giant Kerplunk

This game requires a little more construction, but it will definitely be a hit for gamers of all ages. Using wooden boards, a drill and screws, create an open base through which the ball pit balls can fall through. Then, create a tube using the wire netting, and put it on top of the base. Slide long bamboo stakes through the tube near the ground, making sure that there are no large gaps. Then,fill the top of the tube with the balls, and you’re ready to enjoy the outdoor version of a classic game!

ker-plunk-main-image-vertical.jpgPhotograph by Amy Vowles

Snack Toss

This game looks like it could be riotously funny, and emphasizes teamwork at the same time! Have kids pair up with teammates. Then get one half of the team to put on a shower cap topped with shaving cream. Have the other half stand a small distance from their teammates, then toss cheese puffs at the shower cap. When time is called, the team with the most cheese puffs sticking to the shaving cream wins!

backyardsnacktoss.jpgPhotograph by

Popcorn Drop

This is a fun relay race that can be quite difficult to master. Attach cups of popcorn to your shoes and race across the lawn trying not to spill. The person with the most popcorn in their bucket at the end of the race wins! It’s a simple game that encourages concentration in elementary school children.

101979028.jpg.rendition.largest.jpgPhotograph by Better Homes & Gardens

Tic Tac Toss has come up with a great twist on traditional tic tac toe. Make a giant tic tac toe board using a shower curtain and duct tape. Each player will then be handed 4 frisbees or plastic plates with two separate colors. Set up a throw line, then have contestants toss their Xs and Os onto the board, following the tradition tic tac toe rules. If a Frisbee lands on an already claimed square or not on the board at all, players get a do-over toss. See how well kids can perfect their throwing arms with this supersized classic.

550_102062233.jpgPhotograph by Kinzie & Riehm

Balloon Chopsticks

Still have those halved pool noodles? You can use them as giant chopsticks in this silly timed game. The object is to get as many balloons into laundry baskets using only the pool noodles. Children will find this game challenging, and it will also teach them that teamwork makes a challenge simpler!

backyardballoon.jpgPhotograph by

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