October 09, 2017

Kathy Beyerle

6 Haunting Board Games for Halloween

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The month of October is filled with spooky activities and lots of fun in preparation for Halloween! In addition to fog machines, sound effects, costumes, and candy, there are also Halloween parties! Prepare for your get-together using our Pinterest Board for holiday snack and decoration ideas. To ensure all your guests of all ages are having fun, we've created a list of our favorite Halloween table top games! Pick one of these games for a spooky night in with friends or the family!



The legend of the Wendigo by Iello Games

Ages 6+

At summer camp, the Junior Chipmunk scouts are telling scary stories around the campfire about the Wendigo creature that lives in the forest. One player plays as the Wendigo and takes campers away each night. Players have to work together to find which character is the Wendigo in disguise before they all lose!  This semi- cooperative game is great for younger board gamers. The Legend of the Wendigo captures the Halloween spirit without being very scary.


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Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters by Mattel

Ages 8+

Haunted houses and treasures await in Ghost Fighting Treasure Hunters! Players are a gang of kids in a haunted house trying to collect treasure. But watch out- there are ghosts lurking in this house! Ghosts are added to the board throughout the game play making this adventure increasingly harder. Players can roll dice to fight ghosts, and escape with treasure in hand.



Campy Creatures by Keymaster Games

Ages 10+

In Campy Creatures, harness the powers of Vampires, Werewolves, Kaujus, Mummies! This card game is filled with spooky characters! Players play as mad scientists using creatures from popular horror movies to capture civilians. Each creature has their own special power that can be used to the players advantage to win the round, and gain the most points by the end of the game. Older players will appreciate the homage to horror movies of the past, while younger players will love the easy to learn game mechanic.



One Night Ultimate Werewolf  Bezier Games

Ages 8+

Werewolf is a spooky spin on the classic whodunit. Every player has a hidden role and must work together to outsmart the werewolf in the village. Can every player survive the night? Or will the werewolf win in the end? This version of One Night Ultimate Werewolf comes along with an app that makes gameplay easy to set up. Bring Werewolf to the next Halloween party to turn up the fun! OoooOOo!




The Witching Hour by Indie Boards & Cards

Ages 14+ 

In the Witching Hour players play as witches at the School of Sorcery. The witches are brewing up potions to be the best witch and take home the witches cup. Players hands are made up of enchanted objects they can use to defend and attack against other witches. Win the game by having the fewest points at the end of 3 rounds.  




Escape the Room The Secret of Doctor Gravely’s Retreat

Ages 13+

Ready for an escape room experience in a box? With ThinkFun's Escape the Room, players can read clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the mystery of Doctor Gravely’s Retreat in this party event game. Puzzlers and gamers alike will enjoy the variety of puzzles and brain teasers worked into this spooky story. You can even use the game's supporting website for music and costume ideas. Work together to escape the sinister Foxcrest Retreat in time, or lose!


Happy almost-Halloween everyone!

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