September 20, 2018

Olga Popivker

3 Fun Ways to Learn the ABCs

Topics: Learning at Home, Learning Through Play


When my baby and I play, I try to make it fun and educational. I think the best way to learn is by either trial and error or doing hands-on projects. When a person does something on their own, it’s the best way to learn. What I find interesting is while playing or teaching something to my kiddo, I always find a different way or another idea while doing so.





Find Something that Starts With the Letter...

One day I was teaching my toddler ABCs using flashcards. I was showing one card at a time and asking to tell me what each letter was. To make it more fun, I asked my daughter to find something in the house that began with that particular letter. For example, if I showed letter A, I asked her to find something in the house that began with letter A. She went into the kitchen and found an apple. Then an idea came to my mind and I asked what color was the apple. Learning colors while learning letters is definitely a blast.



Alphabet Order Exercises

Another way to use flashcards to teach ABCs is to spread them on the table (or floor) and ask your child to give you letters in order the alphabet goes. For example, I asked my daughter to find letter A. Then I asked her what comes after letter A, what comes after letter B and so forth. If your child knows a lot of words, ask her or him what words begin with letter A, B, C and so forth. This is a fun game a parent can play with their child. You never know, your baby may learn new things along the way.



Make Matching Games

One day while shopping, I found magnetic alphabet letters and I’m glad I did. When we were playing with flashcards, I had an idea. I spread out the flashcards on the floor and the magnetic letters. I asked my kiddo to match the magnetic letters to the flashcards while singing the ABC song. I have to admit, it was tons of fun.

We have a magnetic board that can be used with magnetic letters. When I teach my kiddo the alphabet, we use this magnetic board and the letter magnets. I spread out the letters and ask my little one to put the letters in alphabetical order. I ask her to find letter A and ask what comes after letter B, what comes after letter C and so forth and put each letter on the board. After all the letters are on the board, we sing the alphabet song. 

There is another activity you can play with your child depending on his or her age. For example, show a picture of a cat, dog, sun, bird or something simple. Ask your child what the image is. Then ask your child to find the letter D, O and G and spell out the word Dog on the board. Then ask your child to read what is “written” on the board. 

If the flashcards have the words written on the image, than you can find the letters and match what is written on the flashcard. For example, if the card is B and on the back of the card says Ball, have your child find those letters and spell out the word Ball.

You can even create your own flashcards and use them as a teaching tool.


There are so many games and activities you can come up with to teach your child the alphabet. The possibilities are endless and learning is fun!


Olga Popivker is a first time mommy. She loves arts & crafts, doing all kind of puzzles, playing Tetris, photography, and dancing. She loves animals, reading, and spending time outdoors with her family. She loves to travel, exploring and learning about the world. Her baby is her biggest joy and inspiration.


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