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Parents have always worn many hats: primary caregiver, homework helper, boo-boo healer...the list goes on. Recently, that list has expanded to include teacher, therapist, coach, and more. The enormity of these changes can seem overwhelming, especially if you have minimal experience in these professional fields! But, as we know, parents can rise to any occasion for their children. As adults, we learn best by understanding the why behind what we do.

Here are some ideas to make learning fun and stress-free in these uncertain times.

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November 12, 2020
Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Escape Rooms: Their Rise in Popularity and What They Say About Us

Creativity, Learning Through Play

It’s difficult to ignore the seemingly ubiquitous presence of escape room games these days. There seems to be at least one outlet for them in just about every city, and they’re touted as the perfect solution for everything from busting tourism boredom to throwing birthday parties to creating action-packed team building exercises for corporations. More recently, escape rooms have also started popping up in educational settings with teachers using them to engage learners in content and even to replace final exams! (Check out ThinkFun's own collection of Escape the Room games here.)

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October 22, 2020
Mark Coster

STEM for Kids: 5 Ways to Make Science and Math Fun During Home Learning

STEM Education / Play, Learning at Home, STEM

If you’ve got your kids home for the foreseeable future and want to enhance their STEM education, but are unsure of how to do it in a way that retains all of the fun and the educational value, look no further. Read on to know five different ways to engage your children in STEM while home learning!

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October 15, 2020
Andrea Doumar

Simple Craft Ideas Using Household Items (Part II)

Creativity, Learning Through Play

Thanks for returning for some more fun budget friendly crafts that can be created using materials right in your home! (You can find part I here.)

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October 08, 2020
Andrea Doumar

Simple Craft Ideas Using Household Items (Part I)

Kids And Creativity, Learning at Home, Learning Through Play

Teaching and doing therapy from my kitchen table has been a huge adjustment for both myself and the families I work with. With the lack of materials and resources, I have been finding different ways to incorporate items/materials from my house into sessions.

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October 01, 2020
Becky Hill

4 Ways To Incorporate Play During Reading

Learning Through Play

Do you have children who zone out or have trouble paying attention during reading sessions? When you ask direct comprehension questions, are the answers wrong? It can be frustrating.

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