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Hi ,

Our team has always been passionate about education and the value of games in the classroom. That’s why we’re building BrainLab – an online program for students that utilizes our well known Math Dice line of games – to help elementary school math teachers make learning fun.

With BrainLab students will work through different game types designed to teach and reinforce skills in multiplication, exponents, division, order of operations, and more. They’ll also be able to play against each other in group tournaments, or one on one, and earn trophies for taking on more challenging problems.

We’re looking for elementary school math teachers to join our BrainLab Beta Testing program. These teachers will be the first to have access to BrainLab in the classroom, and will be asked to help us shape this product into the best possible learning tool with feedback from themselves and their students.

All you have to do to become an Official Testing Partner for BrainLab is click the link below and fill out your information. Welcome aboard!